The treatment

Here is the treatment that my Master, Dr. Emanuele Ugo D'Abramo, invented and applied for many years taking care of thousands of patients.

And thanks to Ana Maria Norero, illustrious citisen of Chiavari, near Genoa, that our meeting took place one evening at his home. A few hours that changed my life, and in our small, the History of Medicine.


The B.I.D.A. (Infusion Dr. D’Abramo’s Biotherapy)

Biotherapy, means that the therapy is composed of pharmaceutical products and homeopathic absolutely natural, in the sense that it uses substances that are normally present in our body. The drugs used are recognized and duly registered with the Ministry of Health by AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency), do not have any side effect, ie 'that is verifiable by the leaflet attached to the packaging.


Infusion, it means that the therapy is administered intravenously, continuous infusion, because this way you are assured that each milligram of substances reach their intended targets.


Dr. Emanuele Ugo D'Abramo, doctor in Santa Marinella, Italy, is the doctor for 40 years, applying the emerging discipline of Psycho Neuro Endocrine Immunology (acronym “PNEI”), was able to put precisely patenting in 1991 BIDA His resume, along with other information about the proposed treatment, are visible at the site


The B.I.D.A. is a holistic therapy (from the greek "olos" = all). That aims to treat the whole body, overcoming a concept a bit 'mechanistic of  Medicine currently.


The pathophysiological basis of this therapy is the Psyco Neuro Endocrine Immunology, science of the mind-body mechanisms in causing disease and that, more 'classic theories learned on the benches of the University and in refresher courses, can not explain the clinical who daily come to the attention of the physician, helping to orientate in diagnosis particularly difficult.

However the B.I.D.A. not opposed to traditional medicine. In addition to the previously mentioned fact that it is available drugs in the pharmacy, it offers as one of the weapons that the medicine has at its disposal to counter the morbid events in the belief that, especially in the difficult conditions of care, a multi-vision and multidisciplinary could be of help.

Our first rule is, generally, the confirmation of all the therapies that the patient is following. For more info: 0039 3296509338.


The B.I.D.A. has given you the best results (all documented ) in the treatment of :


  1. vascular complications of diabetes and atherosclerotic disease , because it acts effectively on the microcirculation : he saved several diabetic foot amputation and reduced atherosclerotic plaques
  2. heart diseases because it supports the heart muscle by giving it energy and improving tissue perfusion , improvement of tissue perfusion is also evident in the aesthetic improvement of skin that accompanies cycles of infusions
  3. psoriasis , a typical disease due to stress, virtually incurable and many other skin disorders (lichen ruber planus , etc.).
  4. chronic inflammatory diseases of the bowel and other organs
  5. patients treated with chemotherapy or other therapies by particularly serious side effects (eg interferon ) improving the health and sometimes impacting favorably on the natural history of the disease
  6. all those diseases , especially degenerative diseases, who need support and a reshaping of the immune system , liver function ( the liver is responsible for the overall metabolism that modulates each organ function ) , the removal of toxic free radicals , which are caused or by the disease, or from certain medications and , sometimes , pollution
  7. of all those diseases that take advantage of an improved kinesthetic (* ), which may be a promoter of a virtuous mind-body- mind which supports the healing process.
  8. In psychiatric disorders : anxiety, the panic attacks , depression, psychotic syndromes . In these cases supports the psychotherapy and mitigates the sometimes serious side effects of traditional therapies


(*) Indeterminate combination of sensations related to the general state of the body and felt by the consciousness with the perception of a state of comfort or discomfort. In many pathological conditions such complex feelings can be altered: thus for example, in febrile states, or in conditions of particular physical or mental fatigue, you may have an accentuation of the state of malaise. 


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