Pain on Thursday


Vittorio is 66 years old all lived in a seaside town. He always enjoyed, says good health. Today is 66 years old. The history, as befits the doctor who practices holistic medicine, a long time ago, from prenatal diagnosis. "What the f... - excuse me – how may I know how my mother felt when she was waiting for me ... I was not there." We understand that urgency to get to the point: a sharp pain, burning, afflicts him for ten years.


"Here," and, so saying, indicates a rather narrow band - metameric distribution, how say Doctors - a guess on the course of the tenth left coast band.

It is difficult to bring the patient to a history of clarification, as far as possible.

He prefers to quibble of many, too many failed attempts on the part of many specialists consulted: orthopedic, dermatologists, rheumatologists, internists, surgeons, pulmonologists, gastroenterologists ...

The "ordeal", as he calls it, lasted for 10 years and no one à understand anything.

It is not easy to believe. Maybe everyone gave their own interpretation, medicine is not an exact science.

Of course, that what is surprising, something that probably has displaced all colleagues, is that the pain occurs "only on Thursdays."

"Only on Thursdays?" Is the question that the Doctor caters more to himself than to the patient and that undermines any clinical hypothesis that, as far as fleeting, began to appear to the mind.

The pain on Thursday ... ever heard.

"... But on Thursday in what sense?"

"It takes me on a Thursday ... or better ... if it starts on Thursday morning disappeared on Friday morning. If it starts on Wednesday in the night, ends on Thursday night in "

"Every Thursday?"

"For ten years, Doctor. And I tried them all: cortisone for months that swelled and so I upped the pressure and blood sugar and Toradol and Contramal ... I have a basket full of boxes of painkillers in the house ... and anti-inflammatory drugs, which led me to a gastritis. But every Thursday ... "

"He had a shingles in that area?"

"... As a herpes ... true, yes it was a herpes zoster. Huu as I was filled with bubbles ... right here in the same spot in the band" he says, enlightened and touching his left hip.

The Psyco Neuro Endocrine Immunology may come in handy.

If the doctor thinks back to what he studied, the baggage of his experience, what he was told in many, too many training courses ... none of this helps him at this time. Simply the "pain on Thursday" is a non-clinical sense. Unless ...

"What happened 10 years ago on a Thursday, tell me, Vittorio" asks the Doctor to the Patient looking straight into his eyes.

The eyes of the patient move to look in the crevices of memory. His eyes moisten and feeble, he draws whispered words, almost incomprehensible: "My mother died ... it was Thursday, so ... that on Thursday, my God" face sinking into the hands called to hide the view of a horror.

"I insisted. She did not want to go. And I… " He cries.


"She had gone for an outing with friends, but mostly widows friends ... When the bus entered the highway a truck arrived the above, the bus went down the embankment ..."

"I seem to remember the news"

"It 'dead burnt. It was my fault. Were not able to pull it off, when the bus caught fire "

The Doctor reflects ... lights.

Suggestive imagine that the mind, every Thursday for 10 years, has found this weakened by previous viral damage, which becomes the lightning rod on Thursday. A somewhat 'indirect to avoid more serious guilt. If you do this ... what?

Talking about it is the long way, but now it appears to be the most effective.

Blessed mind, but what you can do?



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