Giulia and hers indecent psoriasis


Giulia is 37 years old. He lives in a region of central Italy, where he pursues an activity that keeps her in constant contact with the public.

He would like a son. To grow, to love, cuddle, and why not, to make her feel like a woman. A female desired, loved, cuddled. I would also like to his companion. They've been together a lot and we had not ever thought of. Now it's different.

A achieved economic stability, but perhaps, more accurately, a sentimental achieved stability "has opened the door to this desire for motherhood and fatherhood." He says that's right, Julia, at the first visit. She said afterwards to be a poet even for pleasure, and this explains the meaning of a picture too romantic for the four walls that receive daily pain as are those of the study by a doctor for a long time "specialists in complex cases," as he likes to call himself the Dr. D'Abramo.

Like if his body was preventing expressed the desire that the heart, the vulva of Julia, "in one night, I believe," covers those well-demarcated erythematous papular lesions and covered with silvery scales or opalescent. "Psoriasis" is the easy diagnosis that put the doctor and several specialists consulted dermatologists.

Creams on creams and despair, and despair of travel, fueled by labile improvements and rapid and frequent relapses and the itching and pain that they take away the will to live. And having to smile at people who can not see why not. And the fellow who knows and sees.

And she sees a tear, every night now, that does not know how to dry. And the stupid belief that it is an infectious disease. And that word "crap" that does not come to his lips, but he rushes headlong to curb any hormonal stimulation can make possible the expression of love below the belt.

The door on the second floor femininity denied a desire for motherhood impossible.

Just in the studio burst into tears copious, painful rivulets streaming down the face of beautiful .. The vulvar lesions are severe.

And like a dog chasing its tail - mind and body hurt so - reactive depression to the collapse of a dream, a life, an identity, feeds the proliferation of inflammation and flaking. It’s a disaster.

It is not difficult to understand even the reaction of the partner. Hard to blame him, as a man I say, not as medical doctor.

As often happens, Giulia comes to BIDA as a last resort. "I've tried everything: I groped his therapy," says heartbroken.

As has happened so many times, after the first infusion, the inflammation is reduced and the scales fall. Giulia finds them in bed and trapped in the briefs.

After two cycles, the lesions are completely reversible.

Back to the study after seven months showing a baby bump and a smile which seem to have no boundaries. As her happiness. The light of the countenance highlights even more the beautiful blue eyes. On the face beautiful fall silent tears of happiness.

Many years of study and research they find a sense of shock in those few words launched two months later in the most impersonal way, but that becomes a declaration of love: "Honey, Sarah was born ... 3 Kg and 500, and it is beautiful. "The display of the mobile phone gets fogged.



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