A hopeless case


They called today this strange Doctor who care, apparently, impossible diseases. When they arrive in the study are crushed. They are brother and sister, 40 years old, more or less. They are sitting and holding tight, he keeps his protective hand over hers.

And 'the brother who speaks. She has eyes that are going to cry and continues to swallow without being able to reject the lump in my throat that prevents her from speaking. If only opened his mouth burst into tears.

"Doctor, we wanted an opinion"

"Call me"

"Dad is very sick. A lung tumor so big ... "and hands indicate the size of a grapefruit.

"How is he now?"

"He 's in a coma, Doctor. For a week now does not eat, does not respond ... sleeping ... Yes, it is as if asleep. We were this morning in two important institutes of cancer "and indicate the names of two of the most important Italian IST.

"Their opinion?"

"Ten days ... we were told that it will take for ten days"

"I do not want to die daddy" breaks the silence and tears by the dikes of content too, sister.

"Guys, let me call you so ... Obviously now the disease has done, say, run its course. And it’s much that is evil dad? "

"It’s eight months right now," resumed his brother.

"If conditions are so severe ..."

"We would like you looked, however, the medical records and documentation that we have produced," and the son of the Patient proffers a few stapled sheets.

The clinical status is actually very serious. The clinical documentation reveals that the situation is much more complex. In the liver, there are six, maybe seven or eight other metastasis and in the brain and cerebellum.

Even exams are a mess and there is trace in the documents of all protocols performed.

"Has done so much chemotherapy"

"Yes, and every time it was terrible," incorporates his sister, now reassembled.

"The situation is very serious. They are right the Oncologists you have consulted. And then, if it's in a coma ... I believe we need to respect the rhythms of nature"

"Doctor, if we are here is because we want groped his therapy. We've heard good things "

"Guys, I am opposed to therapeutic obsinancy. And in this case ... "

"Doctor, we, for our father, we want to be able to say that we have tried everything"

In the consciousness of the Medical echo these words too often heard. That doubt, when the disease has now led the Patient to the twelfth station of his personal Way of the Cross, and relatives ask to tempt all. How many times, in these moments, he thinks, I cured the pains of wives, husbands, children, parents ... alas, sometimes unnaturally, parents rather than the illness of the Patient?

"Doctor, please," she says, her daughter with tears in his eyes.

"We want to do his therapy," echoed his brother.

After twenty minutes the two boys come from the study with the recipe and instructions in hand start, they say, already tonight care.


Four days later, the Doctor enters the Patient's home.

His wife accompanies him in the room where he finds, sitting on the bed, her eyes lively and intriguing expression of one who knows a lot, a smile that inspires immediate sympathy. And 'a man in his seventies. Bring good.

"Here it is our Doctor - he says pointing at the door - now she has to explain that the fuck puts in these bottles!"

"Ettore ..." his wife scolded him, overflowing with affection,.

"Excuse me, madam ... but this would be the seriously ill?"

"Yes, Doctor ... He is my husband. When he finished the first infusion has opened his eyes and after the second he got up and came into the kitchen to eat "

"Can you get up?"

"Yeah look, says the Patient" and is about to get off the bed.

"No, wait a minute. Before I have to visit you "

The neurological examination is completely negative.

The Patient gets out of bed and walk.

"Look how vo 'straight ... that first sbandavo. On the right sbandavo, which for me is worse than a curse "

The CT scan done in the following weeks, finished the cycle, shows a regression of brain metastases. Especially one that has disappeared invading the cerebellum, the Patient had taken the opportunity to coordinate movements, and thus the balance.

We are in February.

In the following months the patient fill much better.

Drops in the garden and pruning her roses. During the visit, he talked a lot of his roses and just like him, with skilful scissor kick to the branches, it was able to maintain them, "strong, beautiful, fragrant."

During the summer it helps the child to repaint all the radiators in the house and in the evening, "dressed to the nines" goes hand in hand with his wife in the village to get ice cream.

On Sunday, surprising the fervent devotion of some creative blasphemers which Vittorio is shining exponent, in suits and ties following the mass arm tending to his wife.

He’ll die nine months later.

The children prepared to mourn in peace with their conscience, clutching the hands of the Doctor say, "We could tell him all the things that we had not said during his life."

"Come on, guys!"



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