A new medical Paradigm

Every Medical School, with reference to centuries of teaching, has always advantaged the study of diseases: etiology (ie causes) and physiopathology (how the causes affect on the body).

Today we, as Doctors, should improve this paradigm. In a nutshell: if an epidemiological study tells me that out of 100 smokers, 30 will develop lung cancer, my dear Professor, I would like to understand why the other 70 were healthy. So there! The day on which the research will be oriented on the mechanisms that underlie health will be easier to overcome many diseases.

Already today it is possible, by applying this paradigm , treat many diseases in a better way. Many therapeutic methods, such as the one developed by Dr. D'Abramo (BIDA ) shows that strengthening the defense can heal diseases considered incurable, or that give great deal of trouble to the Doctor and , more important thing, to the Patient . Here we are talking about what are called "gentle care " or " integrative therapy"

The scientific basis underlying this new way of being Doctor, are based on Psyco Neuro Endocrine Immunology , science fairly new and little known, which showed that many of the old belief systems that regulate our body are absolutely wrong , and how we may correct many of the current diagnostic and therapeutic attitudes . This website bases its information above on this. And it does so in a holistic vision : a vision of health and disease that looks at the person in its entirety and in its uniqueness.


To the future Doctors, Medical Scoll explained for years that "there are not diseases, but sick Patients". I agree with you, dear Professor. Today we want to be those Doctors who treat the sick Patient and not the disease. Out of respect for his teachings, but, above all, respect for the Patient, who, by choosing this mission, we have sworn allegiance.


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